Upgrading our excellence

Our expertise, built up over decades, is being upgraded through digitization. Technical interfaces are made possible by networking our drive technology with the other components of the application.
Smart communication of precise mechanics.



Energy efficient and reliable

The entirely new concept for our M1 electromagnetic tooth clutch is based on an innovative, patented retaining device. Consequently, we achieve energy savings of up to 99% while providing 100% switch position security.


Voice-coil actuator - infinitely precise

Mönninghoff voice coil actuators are highly dynamic linear drives corresponding to the individual force and movement demands of your application.


Service as sophisticated as your application

As the complexity and required availability of our customers’ systems increase, so does their value. We feel committed to offer substantial services in order to protect and preserve this value.


Your challenge – our competence

One of the strengths of Richard Mönninghoff and his company has been the ability to keep pace with the rapid mechanisation of the mining industry. We have remained faithful to this principle for 100 years by continuing to address the issues of our customers.


Painting with the portrait of the company founder Richard Mönninghoff

108 years in motion

Our innovative drive technology is designed for customers who place the highest demands on their own products. Their benefits and satisfaction are the focus of our business. All of our efforts are geared towards these goals. This has been true for a hundred years now.




Power transmission for every application: clutch manufacturer Mönninghoff

From aviation to marine, from filigree high-tech robotics and packaging machines to pumps and extruders: When torque needs to be transmitted, reliable drive technology is required. As diverse as the fields of application are, as diverse are the technical requirements that a clutch or a coupling has to fulfill. Mönninghoff is your reliable and innovative clutch manufacturer and technology partner to exactly meet this customer specific requirements. Our electromagnetic clutches, shaft couplings, torque limiter, voice coil actuator as well as integrated drive systems are used in an infinite number of variants in machines and systems from all industries worldwide.

Decades of experience and highly specialized know-how: Mönninghoff develops individual and customer specific drive technology for your applications. Discuss your planned drive design with us – together we will find the best solution for your task.

You can count on us!
On site and in person.

As a clutch manufacturer specialized in customer specific solutions, we develop and produce drive technology for every application

The choice of the right electromagnetic clutch or shaft coupling always depends on the application the environmental conditions. Based on decades of experience as a clutch manufacturer, Mönninghoff offers a wide range of industry-sector-specific drive elements, which are all characterized by precise torque transmission, high operational reliability, excellent system integration and long service life.

  • clutches: clutches from Mönninghoff can be switched electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically and offer a wide range of variants. One example of our innovative power is the patented M1 bistable electromagnetic tooth clutch, which can save up to 99 % of the energy depending on the application.

  • shaft coupling: shaft couplings compensate misalignments and shock loads while damping vibrations in the drive train. In addition to torsionally stiff couplings, we as a clutch and coupling manufacturer also offer a wide range of torsionally flexible shaft couplings. We always strive for an optimum drive solution that fits your application best combining different drive elements.

  • torque limiter: a torque limiter or safety clutch limits the torque to previously defined limit value. If this limit value is exceeded, e.g., due to operating errors or malfunctions, the torque limiter disengages the drive train and its connected drive elements, thus preventing damage. Our torque limiters rely on different working principles, like a Multiple-disc torque limiter (friction fit), an electromagnetic tooth clutch or a SecMatic torque limiter (both form fit).

As an experienced clutch manufacturer and shaft coupling expert, we develop individual customer specific solutions that perfectly match the requirements of your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What can we engineer for you?

Mönninghoff offers the perfect drive technology for your technological progress, relying on decades of experience as a clutch manufacturer

While designing your drive train rely on our highly specialized know-how. As early as 1916, one of the strengths of Richard Mönninghoff and his company was to keep pace with the rapid mechanization of mining. We are remaining true to this for more than 100 years by continuing to focus on the problems of our customers. The engineers at Mönninghoff design custom-fit couplings and clutches combining further drive elements like holding brakes for robotics or a voice coil actuator for highly dynamic and precise movements.

We would be pleased to inform you about technical possibilities of our products and applications, about our additional services, about our company history or about our worldwide partners. You are always invited to visit us on site to experience our strong awareness of quality and to see our state-of-the-art machine park.

Because it is our claim to accompany you in during your innovations and developments not only as a supplier, but also as a technology partner. We achieve this primarily through the flexibility, inventiveness and commitment of our employees, who have the will and the strength to dare the new and unfamiliar. Particularly important for the development of custom-fit drive solutions, is the intensive dialog and exchange of ideas between the responsible design engineers.

We are at your disposal for this at any time!