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Voice coil actuators from Mönninghoff: Highly precise and extremely dynamic force and position control

Whether you are planning a system for pick & place, micro-assembly or for packaging, labelling and sorting: our voice coil actuator is the clever alternative to pneumatic solutions.

Take advantage of the benefits of the voice coil actuator from Mönninghoff. Our highly dynamic linear drives are used for extremely precise, frequency- and force-controlled positioning.

Together with your engineers, we develop the optimal solution for your drive system. The selection of a suitable actuator depends on the required motion or force profile for the respective application. An infinite number of variants with different forces, strokes, frequencies or dimensions can be realized. The engineers at the Maschinenfabrik Mönninghoff will also be pleased to advise you on electrical control - just contact us!

Linear technology

What is a linear actuator?

A voice coil actuator is a linear drive that has a defined stroke and generates a linear movement with constant force by applying the physical principle of the Lorentz force. The force exerted is in direct proportion to the current, which enables precise control. By simply changing the direction of the current, the direction of the force can be reversed, allowing bi-directional movements with the same behavior.

Where is a voice coil actuator used?

Wherever enormous positioning accuracy, extreme repeatability and constant force application at high frequencies are required. This includes, for example, pick & place tasks in micro-assembly or tool positioning for high-precision work. Bidirectional movements can be used to rotate free-form surfaces, for example. The Mönninghoff voice coil is operated purely electrically, so that no compressed air is required.

What advantages does the Mönninghoff voice coil actuator offer?
  • Low maintenance and virtually noiseless
  • Extremely precise positioning drive thanks to the high resolution of the encoder
  • Perfect system integration for your application by Mönninghoff engineers
  • No cost-intensive compressed air required for operation
How do you choose the right voice coil actuator?

The required nominal force in newtons (N), the stroke in millimetres (mm) and the current in amperes (A) when the nominal force is applied are decisive for the selection of a voice coil. The available installation space must also be specified in the design, as this influences the above parameters.

Are customized designs possible?

Mönninghoff is your contact for customized drive solutions. Even with linear actuators, special solutions designed for the respective application are not uncommon. The sizes listed in the data sheet serve only as a basis for discussion and development.

How does the Mönninghoff voice coil actuator work?

A voice coil actuator is a non-commutated, two-pole linear actuator with limited stroke range. Within this range a straight-line movement with constant force is achieved. This is possible by using the physical principle of the Lorentz force. The exerted force is directly proportional to the amperage, which means that it can be controlled very precisely. Since the direction of the force is reversed by a simple change of the direction of the electric current, bidirectional moves are possible in both directions of movement.

What advantages does a Moenninghoff voice coil actuator offer?

The demand for accuracy of modern drive systems is constantly increasing. For pick & place tasks, micro-assembly or packaging processes an enormous positioning accuracy is essential. The voice coil actuator from Mönninghoff has been specially developed for such applications. It is the optimal solution in all areas where an extreme repeatability, high frequencies, constant force path or low delay is required.

At a glance:

  • energy-efficient, low-maintenance and almost noiseless,
  • eprecisely adjustable operating force over the entire stroke range,
  • optimized magnetic flux guidance,
  • integrated coil part with bearings,
  • nearly hysteresis-free.

With the aid of an encoder and a controller, the system becomes an extremely precise and highly dynamic positioning drive. Furthermore, unlike a pneumatic actuator, the Mönninghoff voice coil actuator does not require compressed air. All you need for operation is a power source.

We will be happy to advise you at any time on the selection of the right linear actuator for you and your application!

What can we engineer for you?

Voice coil actuators & more: Mönninghoff is your technology partner for individual drive solutions

For more than 100 years, it has been our company philosophy to be a technology partner for innovative developments rather than a supplier of series products – whether you need a voice coil actuator or a clutch, a brake or shaft coupling. As a manufacturer of drive technology we work close together with you and your design engineers and support you throughout your innovations.

Do you have any questions about our voice coil actuator or other products? Would you like individual advice for the drive technology of your plants and machines? Then contact our experts - by phone at +49 2327 – 3033 250, by e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to the exchange of ideas!