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Limit the torque with a Mönninghoff torque limiter and effectively prevent damage

With increasing complexity and necessary availability, modern plants represent a significant value. Mönninghoff torque limiters can protect this in a special way and prevent downtimes or damages to high-quality machines that would occur due to overload or crash.

Every system has different requirements for such a safety element. Rely on our decades of experience in this field when defining such specifications and the resulting technical design of the product.

Contact us and let us know what your safety element has to protect. Together we will find the optimal solution for your application.

Multipe-disc torque limiters

SecMatic torque limiters

Tooth clutches as torque limiters

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Torque limiters from Mönninghoff: Because every application needs a different safety device

The selection of the suitable torque limiter always depends on the specific application as well as on torque, speed, moment of inertia, unbalance and other criteria. The design engineers at the Maschinenfabrik Mönninghoff will be pleased to adapt this important element for you up to a fully automatable, electromechanical solution.

As an expert in drive technology and as a manufacturer of clutches and couplings, Mönninghoff offers various operating principles:

SecMatic torque limiters: Our SecMatic torque limiters are maintenance-free torque limiting clutches with a diaphragm spring as central element. They offer a form-fit torque transmission with minimum reaction time. The switching process is extremely precise under both static and dynamic loads. The overload torque can be reproduced very well due to a special coating of the teeth. The SecMatic clutches have been specially developed to provide maximum safety with very easy integration due to their compact design.

Electromagnetic clutches: Electromagnetic clutches are can also be used as overload clutches. Compared to adjusted, mechanical clutches, they offer the advantage that the torque can be flexibly adjusted by regulating the voltage and current supply. Since movements in the limit range are also excluded, the overload clutch operates wear-free. The uncompromising safety and reliability, the simple control via direct current as well as the optimized magnetic flux guidance make the electromagnetic overload clutch an integrated, easy-to-install system solution even for extraordinary loads such as extreme temperature.

Multiplate torque limiter: Multi-plate torque limiter, on the other hand, offer high torques in a small installation space and can be used both in dry and oil running, whereby a special friction lining ensures low wear. The transmittable torque can usually be infinitely adjusted in the range of 80 to 110% of the nominal torque. The set torque is maintained even in case of overload.

A wide range of operating principles, materials and designs allow the construction to be extremely varied depending on your requirements. Together with our customers we develop extraordinary solutions for extreme operating conditions with the absolute focus on safety. We guarantee a long service life and high functional reliability of our systems.

What can we engineer for you?

Torque limiters & more: Strong partner for your drive technology

Mönninghoff is your strong partner for drive technology. As a clutch manufacturer we do not only produce an individual clutch or an adapted connecting shaft coupling, but we also develop integrated drive systems that exactly meet the requirements of each application. We do not see ourselves as a simple supplier, but as an innovative technology partner and companion of your innovations.

Would you like to learn more about our drive solutions? Are you interested in our torque limiters and an individual safety element? Then contact us by phone at +49 2327 – 3033 250, by e-mail or via our contact form – we look forward to your inquiry!