Service – as sophisticated as your application

For every application, we offer you the option of on-site installation performed by our qualified service employees. Take advantage of our specialised expertise with the technology in use.

  • Fast system availability both for commissioning and repairs
  • Short response times and expert help in critical situations
  • We are happy to offer on-site installation together with customer-specific product training

Your service contact | +49 2327 3033-333 |

Our service engineers conduct a workshop with you that is tailored to your application. The objective here is to explain how our product functions and what its performance options are in your specific technical context, as well as to ensure safe operation.

  • Detailed overview of installed parts and their operating principles
  • More effective use of systems due to your employees having detailed technical knowledge
  • Improved options for troubleshooting faults

Your service contact | +49 2327 3033-333 |

To enable an especially quick response in the event of a potential product replacement, we provide the option of safety stock. In this case, we replace your customer-specific solution immediately to ensure continuous operation.

  • We work with you to create a logistics concept specially tailored to your requirements
  • Minimal response time by our service team in the event of a fault
  • Our sales team would be happy to offer you a comparable logistics concept for new orders

Your service contact | +49 2327 3033-333 |

Regular application-specific checks of our product by our service team extends the service life of your system. Depending on your preference, we provide preventive maintenance on site or sensor-controlled condition monitoring.

  • Increased product service life of the drive components
  • Minimising the probability of downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Your service contact | +49 2327 3033-333 |

In cases of repairs or claims, one of our service engineers will be your direct contact person throughout the entire process.

  • Immediate professional error analysis
  • Fault elimination proposal tailored specifically to your requirements
  • Reduction in your instances of downtime
  • 12-month warranty for the implemented repair or replacement product
  • On-site installation by our field service employees on request

Your service contact | +49 2327 3033-333 |

We cannot predict the lifetime of our products – we have only been here for 100 years