From the beginning, when Richard Mönninghoff founded his company for mining machinery in Bochum in 1916, he worked with drive technology. It had to be durable and reliable to withstand the extreme loads encountered when working underground. As his successors, we have carried on this promise of functionality and precision. Today we are a leading technology partner on the global stage in the development of high-precision clutches, versatile linear drives, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings.

In the end, we owe the success of our company to our customers' demand for application-specific solutions with high complexity. Supporting their technological progress with innovations is the goal of our development work. For this, an increased exchange of ideas and intensive dialogue with our customers' engineers is key.

On top, we supply the right hardware. The detailed customer-specific solution logically leads to a wide variety of products, which can only be manufactured efficiently with flexible, state-of-the-art machinery. We do not automatically equate quality with technology, but rather see it as desire for perfection.

And it is the flexibility, inventiveness and dedication of our employees that put us up-front. Mönninghoff can only make it through dramatic structural changes if everybody follows the company tradition of trying out new and unusual approaches. For this reason, we are committed to Germany as our location for production. Even after a hundred years, Germany still remains a production location with a secure future for us as a family-owned company.

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